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Christmas EP (2017)

Not wanting to go a year without releasing some new Christmas music, we managed to get together these 3 songs from vastly different origins. Drawing from The Muppets, Smashing Pumpkins and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, we hope you enjoy.

Christmas Extravaganza (2016)

A full playlist of all of our Christmas tracks. Listen to them in the order they were released, or hit shuffle and sit back and get into the Christmas Spirit.

Celebrate Christmas With... (2015)

For our third Christmas album we have decided to go old school and record everything in a studio environment. Recorded over the course of 3 months, we hope you enjoy our efforts. The drums are live, the amps are cranked, and the Christmas Spirit is in the air.

The Soundtrack of Our Christmas (2013)

Here we have it, our second Christmas album. This time we decided to plug in and go electric. With songs ranging from classics, to some more modernized versions of songs, to an original arrangement, we think there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

All I Want for Christmas... (2012)

What better way to start out than by releasing a Christmas Album? We definately thought it was a great idea, and thats just what we did. This (almost) completely acoustic album features 12 Christmas classics, from the old to the new.

Unreleased (2012)

This is a collection of songs not release on any official release (yet). This collection will shrink and grow as songs are recorded or added to albums.